May 08, 2021

Welcome to Morning Gold Coast

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Morning Gold Coast is a new page dedicated to showcasing the best part of the day... sunrise. Each day (or most) I will be sharing images from sunrise, whether the weather is good or bad. 
This page is inspired by the Instagram page @morningbondi, in which page creator Amaury Treguer shares photos of Bondi Beach each morning. 

What a morning it was...

Day 1 of Morning Gold Coast delivered a beautiful sunrise. After tossing and turning over which beach to go to, I ventured down to Currumbin Beach. The surf was pumping, the clouds were pink and excitement levels were high. Apart from the many surfers, the beach was quiet. It was a very nice morning indeed.  

Have a great day


Pre-sunrise pinks

Nice warm light

Some intense rays looking to the west


Busy Lineup

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