About Issy D Photo

Hi, I'm Issy.

I was born in Sydney and have lived there for most of my life, but now I live on the Gold Coast. I first started photography in early 2015 when I joined Bondi Surf Club as a volunteer surf lifesaver. Being at the beach every day led me to pick up a camera. Sunrise is my favourite time of the day to photograph because each sunrise is different and the light in the morning is often the best. I get very excited when the sky is colourful. When I began photography, I started with a DSLR camera. In 2017, I bought my first drone and my passion for drone photography has grown a lot.

I love fulfilling print orders because the thought of someone having my photograph in their house is extremely satisfying. I hope you can enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy taking them :) 


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Have you ever wanted photos of yourself surfing?

I regularly shoot surfers in the line up at sunrise and the number one thing I hear when I meet people in the water is, "Can you take some photos of me? I don't have any photos of me surfing."

In a private surf photoshoot, this is exactly what I do. You choose the location and time and I will either swim out with my camera, shoot from land with a telephoto lens or use my drone to capture you in the water. Solo sessions, couple sessions or small group of up to 4 people.

You don't have to be a professional surfer. These photoshoots are for any skill level.

These sessions are also available for other surf sports (Ski paddling, board paddling, SUP and lifestyle surf shots).

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  • Booking

    Select a date and time to book your session. You will receive a confirmation once the date and time is confirmed and a further email to discuss your expectations and location for the shoot. *Please note that bookings may need to be rescheduled if weather or surf conditions aren't favourable. Photoshoots are currently only available in the Sydney region.

  • Shoot Style

    Drone: In this style, I will be using a drone to take photos and videos of you surfing.

    Camera in water: Using a water housing, I will swim out and capture you in the water (photos only).

    Camera on land: I will use a telephoto (zoom) lens to capture you in the surf.

    * You must be competent in the water.

  • Payment and photos from the shoot

    Payment must be made up-front. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can do so via email. If you cancel more than 48 hours before the photoshoot, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within 48 hours, you will receive 50% of your payment back.

    You will receive a link with a collection of high resolution, edited images within a week of the photoshoot. These images are yours to keep.